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At The Smog Shop we offer smogs test only, out of state, renewal, change of ownership, diesel smogs and regular smogs, we do it all. We are California’s Licensed Smog Check Resource. We’re with you every step of the way.


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Here at The Smog Shop we offer fast and friendly smog check service with 25 years of experience.

Diesel Smogs

Expert diesel smog checks for all diesel vehicles. Fast, reliable service ensuring your vehicle meets California emissions standards. Trust us for your diesel smog needs.

Out of State

Efficient out-of-state smog checks for all vehicles. Quick, dependable service to ensure your car meets California emissions standards. Trust us for hassle-free smog inspections.


Efficient vehicle registration renewal services. We’ll handle all the paperwork to ensure your car’s registration is up to date without any hassle. Fast and reliable.

We Love Older Vehicles

Vehicles manufactured in 1999 or earlier have specific smog test requirements, and we are fully equipped to conduct these tests.
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RV/Motorhome Smog Check Services

We can assist you with your RV or Motorhome Smog Check. Schedule your appointment today.
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Smog Check FAQ

Test-Only Stations are state-licensed facilities dedicated solely to conducting vehicle emissions tests. They are not authorized to perform any repair services. These stations can also certify vehicles identified as Gross Polluters.

Your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) renewal notice will inform you if a Smog Check is necessary for re-registering your vehicle. In most regions of the state, vehicles must undergo a Smog Check every two years, when sold, and upon initial registration in California.

If your DMV registration renewal notice states “SMOG Certification Required at a STAR Station,” you’ve come to the right place. Premier Star Smog is a STAR Certified Smog Check Station. A STAR Smog Station is one that the DMV has selected for your vehicle’s inspection due to its rigorous monitoring by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). These stations must meet the high standards set by the BAR to ensure accurate and reliable smog testing.

STAR Smog Stations are authorized to issue certificates of compliance to vehicles that pass a smog check when referred by the DMV for registration renewal. Non-STAR stations cannot issue these certificates to vehicles directed to a STAR station by the DMV. However, they can still test and certify vehicles that have not been specifically referred to a STAR station.

Smog test-only stations are prohibited from performing any auto repairs or profiting from repair services, whether related to smog checks or not. Historically, these centers charged higher fees for smog inspections to cover their operational costs. However, due to increased competition and the abundance of vehicles requiring test-only smog checks, the cost of these inspections has significantly decreased in today’s market.

To improve your chances of passing a Smog Check, follow your Owner’s Manual for regular maintenance and avoid tampering with the emissions control equipment. Additionally, taking your vehicle for a good 15-minute drive before the test ensures all emission-related components are properly warmed up, which can significantly aid in passing the emissions part of the smog check.

If your vehicle fails a Smog Check, we’ll provide an explanation of why it failed and offer suggestions for what to do next. You’ll need to get your vehicle repaired to pass its Smog Check retest and complete your registration.

For information on whether you need a Smog Check and the procedures before and after, please visit the California Bureau of Automotive Repair website for detailed step-by-step instructions:

To check your vehicle’s smog check history, visit the California Bureau of Automotive Repair website. There, you can enter your license plate number or vehicle identification number (VIN) to access the records.

Visit for more information.

If your car fails a Smog Check at a Test-Only station, you might qualify for up to $500 in financial assistance through the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP). Additionally, the Bureau of Automotive Repair Retirement Program offers $1000 for eligible motorists to voluntarily retire their high-polluting vehicles. If you decide not to repair your vehicle, the Bureau of Automotive Repair may also offer to purchase it from you.

CAP provides two options for consumers whose vehicles fail their biennial Smog Check. For detailed eligibility criteria, visit

Gross Polluters are vehicles that fail smog inspections due to emitting exceptionally high levels of pollution. The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) categorizes these vehicles to prioritize their immediate repair. Gross Polluters represent some of the most environmentally harmful vehicles on California roadways.


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